About SlateXP

SlateXP, Inc. is an e-safety and online learning provider promoting advanced and safe learning environments. The company provides computer monitoring solutions that help schools comply with CIPA computer monitoring regulations and the SlateXP Learning Management Platform. SlateXP provides these solutions to traditional brick and mortar K-12 schools, alternative education entities, government agencies and corporate enterprises. These products and services include interactive distance learning applications, multimedia educational content delivery and vocational/career training courses in highly regulated industries.

What SlateXP Offers

SlateXP's products and services focus on enhancing the safety and richness of the educational experience for the entire community. Our cross-platform tools allow for monitoring of PC and Mac environments, as well as delivery of educational opportunities.

The evolution of technology, ubiquitous nature of the Internet, power of the average computer and untapped teacher resources align to create a unique opportunity to succeed in education the way no one has to date. Education must evolve to meet the needs of today’s students. Students need to be safeguarded from bullying, online sexual predators and putting themselves and their schools in compromising positions. In this new, safe environment, students can then focus on advanced learning.

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